Black Friday is the turning point for retailers nationwide. In a year marked by crazy e-commerce, supply chain issues and uncertainty, end the year on a strong note and make the most of Black Friday with our retail tips and tricks.

1. Determine your product line promotions

There’s two schools of thought here. The first approach is to promote your top-producing product lines with a sales strategy centered around volume. This means you’d choose your highest performers and discount them accordingly.

The second approach is to promote products that are unique, but perhaps a little less popular among your audience base with a sales strategy centered on moving stale inventory. This means you’d choose your less popular products and offer discounts to make room for new offerings.

Determining a sales strategy that best aligns with your business objectives (and business goals) is key here.

2. Offer an enticing incentive

Offering a good deal is critical to the success of the sale. With competition at an all-time high, not offering enough of an incentive could be the determining factor between you and a competitor. Anymore, a 10% discount is hardly enough to motivate a buyer. Take a deep look at your margins and bottom line, and determine how much you can stretch that discount to make it worthwhile for your audience. Besides just discounts, consider other creative promotions as well, e.g., free shipping, buy-one-get-ones, offering discounts on complementary products, or buy-one-now-get-%-off-later options.


3. Secure necessary stock and avoid product fulfillment issues

Now more than ever, it’s important to have raw product in hand with time to spare. With shipping delays, inventory issues and other unforeseen circumstances at play, make sure you get your raw product orders placed and in the queue so you have plenty of time to prepare your finished products.

Nordic Shells custom orders average between 4-6 weeks, but orders placed online of our standard in-stock products ship within 1-3 days!


4. Create a thorough promotion plan, including photography, social posts and ecommerce

The products won’t sell themselves, and certainly not during the busiest shopping season of the year! Make sure you stand out from the crowd with beautiful photography, thoughtful social posts and an easy-to-use ecommerce experience. Now’s the time to get these marketing elements in place so you’re not scrambling last minute.