Our Craftsmanship Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Quality should be a priority, not an afterthought

Nordic was founded with quality as a central pillar of our business. And today, we are proud to say that we have single-handedly raised the caliber of shell quality within the industry. No other U.S.-based company can make that claim.

Our shells are hand-made by craftsmen and musical artisans (with no automation) in our Minnesota factory using a natural wood product. Not only do we source the best quality veneer and materials, but we also put our shells through a rigorous Quality Assurance review before any product leaves our shop.

But, does that mean that each shell will be perfect? By nature, no two shells (or trees) will ever be identical or perfect because wood is a natural, previously-living product. As such, each shell is subject to a certain degree of variation. It's this variation that makes the product beautiful and unique, and is embraced by true craftsmen and builders.

We don't build by industry standards. We have exceeded the industry standard tolerances and have very stringent grading criteria. However, it's important to note that many variables outside of our control can contribute to the integrity of the drum shell once it leaves our shop. This includes but is not limited to the length of time it sits in an uncontrolled environment before finishing/assembly. It also includes the knowledge of the woodworker and how to navigate complexities that come with working with a natural product and wide variety of species. (For example, you don't treat Mahogany the same as Maple, and you don't treat Ash the same as Birch).

We know our shell product will exceed your expectations, as it has exceeded industry expectations. Please take the time to review our tolerances below before reaching out with any questions or concerns.

We Guarantee our products to be free of:

Delamination of outer shell plys

Inner ply separation

Buckling or bubbling of shell

Flat spots

Gap Tolerances

.005” or less on outside face

.010” or less on inside face

.3mm or less in core layers


No flat spots on any shell

5/32” variance or less on 14” and smaller shells

3/16” variance or less on 16” - 22” shells

1/4” variance or less on 24” and 26” shells 

It is important to note that rarely will a shell of any size be “perfectly” round, the vast majority of Nordic shells and hoops are within 1/16” 

An unfinished 6ply shell larger than 20” may develop slight movement from tension over time due to their inherent lack of structural integrity being such a thin shell

No one has stricter tolerances than we do.