For Drummers, By Drummers

  • Dave West
    Founder & President

    drumming since 1986

  • Michael Helsinger
    Master Craftsman & Shop Manager

    playing since 2001

  • Jim Hoffman
    Production Specialist

  • Bill Harding
    Production Specialist

  • Jake Carlson
    Logistics & Production Specialist

Nordic was founded in 2017 with the goal of turning the drum shell manufacturing industry on its head. The plan? To pioneer a new, premium approach to drum shells, one that involved top grade woods, unique veneer options, and the most innovative pressing process the industry had ever seen.

With state-of-the-art equipment, a proprietary process, the right leadership and a solid team of drum builders, the company experienced tremendous growth. Following a restructing and expansion in late 2019, Dave West, together with his talented team of drum builders, now effectively serve the industry’s top and up-and-coming drum brands in the world.

The Nordic Shells Team


Wraps became an industry staple out of necessity, used to cover manufacturing and wood flaws like bad seams, press marks, excess glue and poor grade woods. 

Choosing between green sparkle and red sparkle is a thing of the past, because now the possibilities are endless. Do you want the jaw-dropping Rosewood, or perhaps the tonally dark Walnut shell?

What used to be a thing we concealed is now a thing we feature. Your Nordic shell will be a unique, premium work of art that you or your customers will showcase for years to come.

State of the Art

Our state-of-the-art facility in Minnesota spans 12,000 square feet and 27 foot ceilings. That’s a lot of room for shells!

Our veneer storage is equipped with a 360 degree humidification system to ensure the veneer stays pliable and hydrated.

Our premiere shell presses are custom made exclusively for Nordic Shells based on our exact specifications for drum shell production. This allows Nordic to continue pushing the envelope as a leader in the drum shell manufacturing industry.

Nordic Shells

9775 85th Ave N
Suite 100
Maple Grove, MN 55369