A Legacy In The Making

A Collector Piece That Will Stand the Test of Time

Customize Your Shell

R&D COnsultation

Determine desired tone, resonance, volume and design

Veneer Combination

Choose from dozens of in-stock, sustainably sourced veneers

Ply, Size & Grain

Select thickness, orientation & depth for a truly custom creation


Bearing edges, snare beds, hoops and rerings coming soon!

Why Order Custom Shells?


With no minimum order requirements, you can create a custom kit or one-off shell without breaking the bank.


If you’re interested in exploring a new product line, our prototype shells can help you dial in your offering.


Our wide range of standard & exotic stocked veneers means your custom order can be turned around quickly.


Premium shells demand a premium retail price, which can increase your profit margins with no extra effort.

Get Started

Custom Shells

Work with the Nordic team of experts to create a custom shell based on desired tone, resonance, volume and aesthetic.

Creating a custom shell is by far the most innovative process in drum shell making within the last 40 years.

Between choosing specialty, exotic and standard woods, ply count and grain orientation, the possibilities truly are endless.

What’s more, because of our  trusted partnerships with veneer vendors, we get early and exclusive access to unique woods that can’t be found anywhere else. That means that you can create your own unique voice through a one-of-a-kind shell.

Additionally, whenever you order custom shells, we hand-match the veneer patterns on your custom shell pack to ensure you get the most congruent and aesthetically pleasing finished product.

Available Sizes
















Veneers In Stock

Interested in making a custom drum shell but not sure what’s available? We regularly source new veneers from around the world. See what we have on hand at our Minneapolis shop.

The Nordic Difference

Premium Grade

Each and every wood is hand selected from among the top graded woods in the world, ensuring it meets our highest standards of quality.

Range of woods

We provide a one-stop shop for a wide range of popular woods along with unique options not found anywhere else.

Our Guarantee

Before shipping, each shell is rigorously inspected using our quality assurance metrics and is guaranteed free of production flaws.

No Minimums

Whether testing out a product line prototype or creating a custom one-off request, there’s no minimum requirements.

Custom Orders

The possibilities are endless with the unique combinations of wood species, ply counts, grain orientations and shell sizes.

R&D Consultation

Support & consultation are included free, and can help to navigate tone, resonance, volume and aesthetic selection.

Shells of Distinction

Our Guarantee

Quality should be a priority, not an afterthought. 

We stand behind every product that rolls out of our shop, offering a 100% guarantee on the integrity of our drum shells.

This means that you can provide the best quality drums to your customers, without worry. If you are not satisfied with our product, you can return it for an exchange of the exact same item, no questions asked.