It’s officially Q4, which means the new year (and a fresh start) is around the corner


Refine your revenue streams:

Get your house in order. If you’re not organized, you won’t know when something goes awry. And just because you have sales coming in and money in the bank doesn’t mean you’re profitable.  

What are your margins and can you bump them up?

  • What are your new year sales goals?

  • What are your current proactive sales efforts and how can you improve them?

  • What is your low hanging fruit and how can you target that in the new year? E.g., people who shopped online but abandoned their cart. Can you retarget them with a special?

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Hone your Process

Volume is the enemy of a stable business. Volume can mask business problems and lead to devastating realizations, oftentimes when it’s too late. Learn how to operate lean and mean before you hit your stride. If you haven’t already, get efficiencies and processes in place and create SOPs so anyone can jump in and pick things up. 

  • What are your biggest business pain points?

  • Are you tracking waste? How can you reduce this?

  • Where are the bottlenecks, and how can you revise the process to alleviate these?

  • Are you leveraging technology to make your process more seamless and reliable?

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Evaluate your marketing metrics.

The marketing landscape can change drastically from year to year. Between new trends, new competitors and new products, it’s important to keep your marketing approach fresh.

  • Which tactics got the most traction?

  • Which messages spurred the most conversions? 

  • Do you thoroughly know your audiences and what they want?

  • Have you updated your website lately? Do you need to add fresh content, new messaging or refine your messaging?

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