With hundreds of artisanal, handcrafted and american made shells available to consumers today, it’s important to stand apart from your competitors.

To effectively reach your target audiences, peak their interests and ultimately drive sales, you need a game plan. Our tips below highlight the essentials for getting a new product line off the ground in a succinct, effective way that will resonate with your consumers.

  1. IDENTIFY A NEED. This should be something that fills a void within the industry, but isn’t too much of a departure from what you’re currently doing.

    To understand “the need,” first identify what your prospective customers are asking for that you don’t offer. Perhaps it’s an entirely new line of woods, or maybe it’s as simple as subtle variations to your current ply offerings. Start taking stock in your unfulfilled requests and you may see patterns emerge.

    Secondly, take notice of your peers, the industry and competitors. The marketplace will dictate new trends. If you’re alert, you can catch them early and get ahead of the curve.

    And perhaps most importantly, listen to your gut. While it may be easier, it’s not always the most lucrative to go where the herd is going (or has been). A great example of the herd mentality is the commonly produced Maple, Birch, and Mahogany/Poplar. These are great combinations, don’t get us wrong. But there are dozens of wood options out there, which translate to hundreds of opportunities to own your own unique drum line.

    Insider Tip: There are very few True Series Cherry shells on the market today, and even less Ash or Mahogany. The Blended Series Cherry/Mahogany or Walnut/Ash shells are ripe for a few select boutiques to claim these as their own, champion these great combinations and charge an even greater premium!


  2. BRAND IT. This new drum line doesn’t need a whole new visual identity, but it could benefit from its own name.

    Keep your audience in mind when brainstorming product line names. Should it be classy? Classic? Avant garde? Does this line need to be flexible in case of future product line extensions?

    If you need some inspiration, look to your favorite brands and see how they label new product lines. When in doubt, keep it relevant, positive and focused. Some of our favorite examples include Pearl’s Export, Reference and Masters.
    Tip: If you can’t decide, let your customers choose! Consumers love feeling involved, and if asked to help choose a new product line name, they’ll feel even more invested in your company.

  3. BE CLEAR WITH YOUR MESSAGING. In order to effectively market your new drum line to your desired audiences, they need to clearly understand what you’re offering and why they should care. Establish a brief overview of your line within a couple sentences or bullet points, and include this with all drum line announcements. The overview should answer questions such as:

    • What makes your drum line unique?

    • How is it different and better than your competitors?

    • Who is the perfect consumer for this line? Why is it beneficial to this audience? Why should they want this drum line?



Have questions on how to get a unique drum line off the ground? We’ve got lots of ideas on how you can create your own custom shell as a differentiator. Contact us at Sales@NordicShells.com