2 and 3 Ply Sheets

2 Ply & 3 Ply

for cold press drum builders

Over the last couple years, we’ve had the opportunity to make incredible connections with cold press manufacturers from around the world. In our discussions, there seemed to be one critical element that was missing from within this industry - a lack of 2 and 3 ply wood options.

Nordic now supplies cold press drum shell makers with plys in the same variety and quality of wood that our shell customers have come to expect and depend on.

Industry Game Changer

Cold press drum shell manufacturers now have access to more woods of higher grades and exotic origins than ever before.

New, exotic wood options means the possibilities are endless when it comes to expanding product offerings.

With access to the best grade woods, together we can continue elevating the shell industry.

Just like with shell orders, no quantity is too small. That means boutique cold pressed manufacturers have just as many options as the big guys.

The quality of the woods have been great, no separations and beautiful veneer. And you guys save us 3 hours by cutting a straight edge on the ply sheets.

Bill Cardwell, Owner of C&C Drum Co.

Veneers In Stock

Interested in making a custom drum shell but not sure what’s available? We regularly source new veneers from around the world. See what we have on hand at our Minneapolis shop.