True Series [Walnut | 8-ply]
    True Series [Walnut | 8-ply]
    True Series [Walnut | 8-ply]

True Series

Made exclusively of one standard wood, the True Series amplifies the wood’s character and creates a pure tone and resonance true to its species.

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A classic, attractive wood
Warm, Dark
Hardness Level

Species Walnut

Ply Count 8-ply

Diameter 10”

Depth 6”

More About Walnut

Walnut is a desirable wood due to its strength, grain and color. This hardwood is resilient with a moderate texture, and makes an attractive, classic shell exterior.

About the True Series


A pure tone and resonance true to its species.

The True Series is an industry game changer! Until now, boutique drum companies never had access to so many choices. The True Series offers the industry’s only shell made out of a single grade and species throughout the entire product (offered in six different woods). No cheap core made of low grade species; just a pure, best-grade wood shell of your choice. Get true resonance of your desired 6-ply or 8-ply wood species with a True Series drum shell.


Shells of Distinction

The quality of the woods have been great, no separations and beautiful veneer. And you guys save us 3 hours by cutting a straight edge on the ply sheets.

Bill Cardwell, Owner of C&C Drum Co.

Working directly with Nordic has been essential, they perfectly fit our approach and share our values. With both look and sound, Nordic shells are at the heart of what we do.

Lane Pederson, Co-Owner of Twin Cities Drum Co.

I have been working very close with Nordic for several years now. Customer service is unmatched and the quality is top shelf. You will not find a better shell for your build.

Bill Detamore, Founder of Pork Pie Percussion

Nordic has changed the game in the high quality custom drum shell world, and their True Series off-the-shelf stock is out of control. These shells not only look beautiful but sound amazing!

Preston Parsons, Owner of Vessel Drum Co.

These shells are AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE them. I'm very excited that I am now using Nordic Shells exclusively.

Swede Grooms, Owner of Swede Custom Drums

We purchase the majority of our shell making veneers from Nordic. The quality is top notch as is the customer service. This has allowed us to take our own shell making to the highest level possible.

Christopher Carr, Owner of Bucks County Drum Co.

Our order comes in perfect every time, which is incredible considering the variety of thicknesses, combinations and species of woods they offer. Plus the quick turnaround is a breath of fresh air.

Peter Lazos, Owner of Rukus Drums